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Christoph Kummerer (1974), born near Vienna, is working as a musician and media artist in Vienna and Berlin. One of his recent projects is the production of music software for Nintendo Gameboys that was showcased on festivals throughout Europe and Canada. Moreover, he is involved in the netbased music label pilot.fm.
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TimeCodeVinyl is software that makes it possible to use the standard turntable interface to synchronize various kinds of digital media. The software is designed to fit neatly into existing multimedia development frameworks like pd (http://www.pure-data.org) or jmax (http://www.ircam.fr/ jmax/). TimeCodeVinyl uses a simple analogue synchronization signal that can easily be pressed onto traditional vinyl. This enables users to leave the heavy vinyl records or videotapes at home, replacing them with a standard computer which runs one of the above mentioned programs.



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