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How to Use Text-FM

Send an SMS from your mobile phone or a web-SMS-provider to the telephone number 0664/123 5555. Your message will then be recorded by a computer, converted into computer-generated speech and broadcast on orange 94,0. You can also determine your messages’ sound by choosing language (German/English), voice and pitch (see box Text-FM User Manual).

Text-FM can be received on THU. 18.10. and FRI. 19.10. on 94.0 MHz, the frequency of the independent radio orange 94.0 (http://www.orange.or.at).

Moreover between Museumsquartier and Neubaugasse non-stop from Thursday until Friday evening in: Wirr, Möbel, Public Netbase Zwischenquartier and Public Netbase Base Camp at the Museumsquartier. SMS can be sent from 0.00 to 24.00 all day Thursday and Friday.

There are two ways to use Text-FM:
  1. Send an SMS straight into the system: send a text to
    0664/123 5555
    ; a German-speaking voice will be randomly chosen.

  2. Customize the voice to read your message: the voice that reads your SMS can be customized. To tell the computer what you want, you need to send it a short string of instructions made up of letters and numbers (looking something like: #?Lgv4p8r3).

    » Always start the instructions with #?
    (this tells the computer to pay attention)

    Next, specify the language
    » Type L
    » Then, g for German or e for English

    Choose your voice
    » Type v
    » Set a number between 0 and 9

    Choose the pitch of your voice
    » Type p
    » Set a number between 0 (low) and 9 (high)

    Choose the rate of speed it speaks at
    » Type r
    » Set a number between 0 (slow) and 9 (fast)

    Leave a space, and then write your message.

    » Text-FM is not case sensitive.


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