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Markus Bader (1967) is an artist who studied at the Art College Nürtingen and the College of Design Offenbach. In his work interfaces play an important role. His interactive installations include a haptic component, and his classic screen interfaces are combined with accessible spaces. Bader has collaborated with LyberWorld (German National Research Center for Information Technology Darmstadt) and Plateau Mind Mycel (College of Design Offenbach), and exhibited in various galleries in Germany and abroad.
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http://www.natural- reality.de/lux

by Markus Bader (DE)

The installation Lux consists of 5 mirror-balls, each equipped with a loud speaker, which hang from the ceiling of the exhibition room. Through a web-cam, the exhibition is transmitted to the Lux homepage and is completed by another 5 mirror-balls shown there. The mirror-ball being nothing but a visual accessory at discotheques, in connection with Lux gains supplementary functions through its use as an online DJ-interface.

The Lux homepage allows users to transmit sounds and songs to the mirror-balls. Tracks saved onto the webcam-mirror-ball can also be chosen by the exhibition's visitors. They have to switch on the mirror-ball by pulling a string at the ball's bottom: as soon as the track has been activated, the mirror-ball rotates until the track is over. Each mirror-ball can save up to 10 songs.



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