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Jonah Brucker-Cohen received a MPS from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and worked there for two years as an Interval Research Fellow. He is a freelance writer for WIRED Magazine, I.D. Magazine, Time Out New York, and an Internet columnist at Magnet Magazine. His work includes Site-Traffic, as well as a domain name-generating Slot Machine called "IPO Madness". This year he won the 2001 International Browserday (www.browserday.com) with his project "Crank the Web". His work has been shown both at numerous events in the US and abroad.
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http://www.coin- operated.com/projects

Physical Web Browsers
by Jonah Brucker-Cohen (US)

Physical Web Browsers is a series that makes visible the material or “labor” character of processes that we have learned to regard as purely virtual, thus adding a socio-critical dimension to the interaction of man and machine when they meet at the interface. Two of these browsers will be shown in Vienna:

Crank the Web is a browser that allows people to physically crank their bandwidth in order to see a website. The idea behind Crank the Web is that everyone, regardless of their economic situation, should have access to the fastest speed connection. The faster you operate the lever, the better your Internet connection will be.


Site_Traffic is a telepresence project that involves both a physical installation and a web-based interface component. The project functions as a fully programmable remote sequencer that allows for unique non-verbal communication between users in physical and online spaces. By placing the physical device in a well-trafficked public space, repeat users can see the change in songs left by users of the project's Internet component. Users online can program unique MIDI sequences and put them on one of the buttons. These can then be transformed and listened to by users in the physical space.


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