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VinylVideo™ is an Austrian cooperation between Gebhard Sengmueller, an artist working with new technologies; Martin Diamant, an experimental physicist; Guenther Erhart, an information scientist; and Rike Frank of Best Before.
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by Gebhard Sengmüller, in cooperation with Martin Diamant, Günter Erhart and Best Before. (AT)


VinylVideo™ is a new and wondrous development in the history of audio-visual media. For the first time in the history of technological invention, VinylVideo™ makes possible the storage of video (moving image plus sound) on analog LP records. Playback from the VinylVideo™ Picture Disk is made possible with a normal turntable, a special conversion box (the VinylVideo™ Home Kit) and a TV set. In its combination of analog and digital elements, VinylVideo™ is a relic of fake media archeology. With the extremely reduced picture and sound quality and the easy manipulation of the time axis, a new mode of audio-visual perception evolves. In this way, VinylVideo™ reconstructs a home movie medium as a missing link in the history of moving image. At "Interface Explorer", we present the first record ever produced for this new system: the VinylVideo™ Infomercial.


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