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Climax - Action Bot Concert
by Margarete Jahrmann and Max Moswitzer (AT)

A Machinima Re Emerge
In a demo movie Game-Bots generate their own permanent Sound Jam Session. Their assumed artificial intelligence is changed through Mutators that are interfering with the program structure. The activity pattern of Bots is then used to mutually trigger them, and to change their actions. Sometimes this ends in feedback loops that are unpredictably cancelled by certain events.


The Interface rather forms sound than a visual humanoid representation. Its structure of actions can be perceived as a permanent Bot Concert that perpetuates itself. Unlike trivial Films Climax is produced according to real time terms and regularly changes its transformation rules. The Bot Concert is visible in a sneak preview situation on a projection screen that is controlled from a PC. Climax's interface represents a social rather than a technical environment that surrounds Machinimas via its Clan-Communities.

Machinima: an art form which produces films based on computer game technology.



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