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Interface as the Key Category of Computer Culture
Lecture by Lev Manovich (US/RU) held at Interface Explorer.

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Images from the Event

In tEr fes
A boundary across which systems communicate.
Interface Explorer
a Public Netbase Event in the New Temporary Quarters

The design of interfaces is one of the most central issues in the development of information and communication technologies. Interface Explorer will present projects of international artists that experiment with new interfaces and web browsers. It will also provide a forum to discuss the state of the art of Interfaces as well as future trends.
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Cultural Interfaces and Data Aesthetics
by Lev Manovich (US/RU)

The Interface
Excerpt from the book "The Language of New Media" by Lev Manovich (US/RU)
(Inter) Face the Future
by Johannes Grenzfurthner (AT) in German
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