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Interface Explorer - a Public Netbase Event in the New Temporary Quarters

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Interface Explorer
Shared Boundaries

The event focuses on the social use of Interfaces and tries to explain their versatility in new information technologies. In doing so, it goes beyond the theoretical discourse and emphasizes playful approaches. Besides the presentation of a series of PC and Web-Interfaces, works of artists who deal with the subject in a more general way and produce unconventional ideas will be displayed.

In his current book "The Language of New Media" Lev Manovich, a leading theoretician of new media, describes the cultural dimension of digital technologies and the development of new men/machine Interfaces. In his lecture on 18 October, 2001, he will present some basics of the cultural electronic Interface and describe software-culture as well as culture as software.

A panel discussion on the state-of-the-art of cultural Interfaces is scheduled for 19 October, 2001. Experts and developers will debate present approaches in Interface design. One of the panelists is Mieke Gerritzen of NL.Design and co-founder of the International Browserday. Browserday aims at demonstrating alternatives to existing web-browsers and was held for the first time 4 years ago in Amsterdam and most recently in New York. Two winners of the Browserday Awards - Joes Koppers (NL) and Jonah Brucker-Cohen (US) - will present their projects in person.

Graham Harwood and Matthew Fuller, two British artists with a long-standing interest in the social and socio-cognitive aspects of digital information-interaction will present TEXT-FM, a text-to-speech-to-radio project. It allows sending anonymous SMS messages to a computer that converts them into computer-generated speech which is then broadcast. TEXT-FM facilitates speech-based information exchange.

The various presentations and installations at the Interface Explorer event show the integration of audio and video-systems in the electronic Interface - from Scratchrobot, TimeCodeVinyl, VinylVideo and Climax to web-operated mirror-ball music (LUX) and musical web-pads.

October 18 - 19, 2001

Public Netbase Media~Space!
Institute for new Culture Technologies/t0
Burggasse 21
A-1070 Vienna


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