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Changing Data Retrieval
The Web is undeniably one of the biggest pools of information. In this context information retrieval tools gain particular importance.
The new search modes that are featured here either allow for a facilitated access to web pages, or even go as far as redefining appearance and structure of search results. [>>]

Creative Thought Linkage Interfaces
The connection of thoughts, thought structures, and ideas is a conditio sine qua non for the exploration of new forms of usage and navigation of the internet. [>>]

Deconstructing Interfaces
Web data are highly abstract codes that browsers translate into "usable", familiar images for the users. The category Deconstructing Interfaces assembles browser projects that engage a critical investigation into the very concept of the browser as a visualization machine, thereby transforming it into a by turns creative, manieristic, and ultimately witty engine of production. [>>]

Expanding the Desktop
With Doug Engelbart's invention of the mouse in 1968, the concept of the "desktop" as we still know it today was born. Since the metaphor of the computer as a virtual work desk is symptomatic for popular notions of the digitalized world, there are constantly new efforts to transcend the narrow confines of this analogy by cracking up the desktop with practical as well as experimental variants. [>>]

Physical Browsers
Physical web browsers are devices that seek to bridge the gap between the realm of the virtual, i.e. the browser, and that of the real or rather, physical, i.e. the user, by creating a platform for mechanical interaction. Particular emphasis is put on the physical and playful experience of the web as actual space. [>>]

Saving the Screen
Screensavers should be considered as user interfaces that cannot be used because they disappear. One could say the screensaver is a useless interface. InterfaceExplorer demonstrates eight artistically and pop-culturally interesting screensavers. "Since screen savers activate when the computer is idle, they are often glimpsed for only a few seconds. Neatly framed by the monitor's plastic border, the screen saver makes the computer appear to be pure image. The logic of this moving image, however, is different from that of cinema or television. The moving image of a screensaver is a persistent loop that exists when ignored and captures our attention through the glance." (James Buckhouse / Merrill Falkenberg) [>>]

Sonar Interfaces
Sound being one of the most basic means of human communication, these audio interfaces are systems that inquire into the exploitation and interpretation of sonic data at the human-machine interface. [>>]

Timetravel Browsing
Motivated more by archeological instinct than by mere nostalgia, these timetravel projects dig into the already richly layered history of the Internet, excavating examples of the continually mevolving but also fossilizing world of interfaces. [>>]

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